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Wytheville Plant
190 West Spring Street
Wytheville, VA 24382

Consultation by appointment only:
call 276-228-6608
or email

Blacksburg Office
2200 Kraft Drive Suite 2050
Blacksburg, VA 24060

LOBBY HOURS: 9:00 AM - 4:30 PM Monday thru Friday


"Bill et al, Thank you for turning the printing for the Center in the Square job so quickly. This is why I like working with Wordsprint." ~ Kevin W McDonough, CMQCS,
Mail-It PLUS

"Good afternoon Kayla, just want to say thank you to the Wordsprint team for turning this project around two days faster than expected. I am passing along copies of the piece to our New York office to review. We really appreciate your teamwork in helping us get this project out the door!" ~ Kim Looney, Mail Center Supervisor, Henry Schein Medical

"Hey Chris & Treva, we had a big crowd here today for the news conference announcing the Richard Leigh Music Festival, and the printed materials were a big hit. The Chancellor took a poster back to hang in his office. I sincerely appreciate your help and suggestions and your hard work to get us all the stuff in time – despite the fact we fail to ever make a deadline! You are some of my favorite people." ~ Anne Dunham, Coordinator of Public Relations, Marketing & Alumni Development, Virginia Highlands Community College

"Hi Treva, the training guides look great, and you all are SO fast! Thank you so much!" ~ Nikelle Hagy, Virginia Highlands Community College

"Kayla, thank you so much! I wasn't expecting a response this quick - awesome customer service! We will contact you if we will be proceeding with the order at this time. ~ Laura Holderfield, Joy Ranch Christian Home for Children

"Catalog was recieved before Thanksgiving by several I have talked to. THANKS FOR YOUR HELP!!!" ~ Buddy Johnstone, Southwest Virginia Angus Association

"Thanks everyone for getting those football programs out on such short notice ------- I happened to be in Wytheville all morning for a meeting and decided to drop by Wordsprint to check on the programs and found out that they were ready. I have picked them up and just wanted to say thanks ----- you guys do great, great work and are a pleasure to work with." ~ Chad Wright, Athletic Director, Grayson County High School

"Treva, I just wanted to thank you for all your help in getting this last little postcard out… the one that gets delivered to the office arrived today and it looks great! I don’t know how you managed to get them out so quickly, but they are out and we are getting calls so they worked! Your assistance is always greatly appreciated! ~ Erika Larsen, Dawson Ford Garbee & Co., Realtors

"Bill, we got the labels on time… man, thank you very much! I would love to know what she did but more importantly, what do I owe you for the services? Let me know and thanks again!" ~ David Graf, American Mine Research

"Hi Bill! I just wanted to thank you for getting the TDT brochures to Fredericksburg in such a timely manner. She was so excited to see them!!! I also looked at the MHSS brochures you left here and they look wonderful! Thank you for taking care of these for me." ~ Pamela Pauley, Family Preservation Services

"Fantastic! They just now let me know that there is an event this weekend that they need these for. You truly are a hero! Thanks for making it happen, Treva!" ~ Katie Casler, Casler Design

"Hey Treva, I just wanted to say what an awesome job you did on the visit pieces. They look great! Thanks as always for your speedy turnout! We’ll talk soon!" ~ Rita Belcher, Emory & Henry College

"Hi Bill - received the product sheets first thing - thank you. I would like to thank you, Treva, and the WordSprint team for delivering these products on time. Everything looks great!" ~ Kim Yearwood, TEDs

"Just wanted to give you a BIG THANK YOU for the excellent job on the Almost Heaven mailing! We are thrilled that they hit the mail boxes exactly on time and we are already receiving phone calls. THANK YOU!" ~ Jayne Duehring, Barter Theatre

"Bill, the flyer was wonderful! I didn't expect it to be so clear! Thank you for getting it done for me in time for the Chamber mailing. That was amazing. I will be sure to give you a report of any business it generates." ~ Cindy Archer, Longaberger

"Bill, we received the programs this afternoon. They look great! Thank you so very much for having this done for us on such short notice!! We greatly appreciate all that you do! Thanks again." ~ Katie Richardson, Smyth County Chamber of Commerce

"Bill & Kathy, wow. The calendars look awesome!!! And, they’re here just in time for our board meeting tomorrow night! Thanks for making me look good! I am very, very pleased. You guys do tremendous work! I’ll be in touch soon about our next newsletter." ~ Mike Wade, New River Valley Community Services

"Hello! I just wanted to let you know that we received appeal pledges in the mail today for WOKE, WPCN and WCQR which means these are hitting homes and creating a response! You guys have done an excellent job once more! We all appreciate everyone’s hard work in getting these mailings out!" ~ Pam @ Positive Alternative Radio

"Hi Jeff! Thanks for the fast service with the posters. The quality looks really good. Thanks!" ~ Brooke Davis, Johnston Memorial Hospital

"Thanks for all your hard work and promptness!" ~ Catherine Roy, Base-X

"Treva, the brochures are great and arrived on time -- thank you very much! I have been away from work for two days or I would have sent this note sooner . . . I really appreciate your meeting that deadline!" ~ Linda Logan, Town of Wytheville

"Treva, wanted to THANK YOU for helping us out with the digital brochures last week when we were in a jam. We were able to take them to Martinsville when we installed the signs and that helped a bunch. Thanks again." ~ Dennis Ward, The Dawn Auction Co.

"I am always very appreciative of Wordsprint's quality and timeliness. It seems each of my requests is urgent and needs turnaround quickly. I thank you for your flexibility and willingness to help." ~ Laurie Kendall, Nautilus International