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3Bit Marketing System: More Details

Our research shows that when it comes to successful marketing, there are three things ("bits") that matter: getting the right message to the right people with the right rhythm.

The right message is your brand, your mission, the reason you go to work every day, it's your why. It includes your logo and taglines, your elevator speech; it's the essence of what differentiates you from competitors. Successful organizations stay on message; they keep it concise and well-articulated and consistent. They resist the temptation to be all things to all people, to constantly re-brand and flirt with new identities.

The right people means your constituents: clients, customers, donors, volunteers, stakeholders. Successful organizations understand that life really is all about relationships. And they build a "database culture" where every employee and every volunteer knows how to capture those magic moments of relationship, and translate this information into the database, so that future touches are accurate and relevant.

The right rhythm is what makes it all work. Rhythm builds trust, and trust builds relationships. Successful organizations discover the appropriate cadence for their marketing touches, and they stick with this rhythm long enough to build trust. Touching 500 people rhythmically is better than touching 500,000 people sporadically. Blasts generally do not work. What works is rhythmic touches, drip marketing not splash, the plough horse not the show horse.

Rhythm is so important that it leads to a simple rule for success: adjust the scale to fit the budget to sustain the rhythm.

The 3Bit Marketing System can help with any or all of these 3 bits. It can help with message, by developing your brand, including logo and taglines, even mission and vision statements. It can help with people, through database cleansing or acquisition, through demographic targeting and predictive analytics, by helping your organization create a culture of relationships. And it can help with rhythm by building a "3Bit Calculator" unique to your organization, complete with ROI analysis and project management notifications, to keep your marketing or fundraising properly scaled, on track and on rhythm.