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On the third Tuesday of every month, join us at 2:00 PM for a 45-minute learning session focused on what's working in marketing, the best ways to reach your audience, and more. 

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Wordsprint Omnichannel Marketing

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Boost Response Rates with Omnichannel Marketing

Having trouble tracking the return on investment from your offline marketing?
Not sure how effective your direct mail and print advertising really is?

Direct mail works. The problem is that it’s difficult to track.

Our new technology makes it work even better AND seamlessly tracks the results for you so that you can know exactly how effective your mailings are.

What if you could get a 20-50% increase in your direct mail responses for only pennies per piece? No brainer, right?!

Here’s how it works

We have married direct mail to specific cutting-edge, proven digital marketing technologies to get even better results than ever achieved before! This is all done simply, quickly, and believe it or not; inexpensively.

How do we do this? The key to any successful campaign is a repetitive message. 80% of sales are made between the 8th and 12th contact. For maximum success, we take the 1 piece of direct mail and ensure that message is seen several times, through multiple channels to your specific targeted audience. First, we match your mailing addresses to social media accounts like Facebook and Instagram. We show those people ads before, during, and after the mail hits to sear that message into their minds. Next, we track your mail, predict and confirm delivery right down to the per piece level; just like has been done for parcels for years. Ever heard of the USPS’s program Informed Delivery? Your recipients will get an EMAIL from the USPS that the mail piece is arriving in their mailbox today along with a full-color ad they can use to take advantage of your offer with a simple click. When someone receives that piece of mail and they are interested they will usually do one of three things: call, visit your brick-and-mortar location, or go to your website. We have that covered.