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Download PDF Preflight

PDF Preflight automatically solves most of the issues associated with sending a print-ready file by correcting, verifying and uploading print-ready PDFs to our system.

We highly recommend downloading these handy guides that walk you through the easy steps of downloading, installing and using PDF Preflight.

What are you waiting for? Start sending perfect, print-ready files today by downloading PDF Preflight now!

We've made some changes—download the newest version of PDF Preflight.

  1. Before you begin, please fully uninstall any previous versions of PDF Preflight: Be sure to remove it from your programs list and also remove the printer. 
  2. Download the latest version below.

NOTE: There is no installation wizard for PC. Simply save the .exe file and double-click to run the program.

To take advantage of the full upgrade, we recommend that you uninstall the previous version prior to downloading this release.

Using PDF Preflight

There are three ways to use PDF Preflight:

Launch PDF Preflight in one of the following ways:

*A. Double-click the application icon in the Applications folder, in your dock, on your desktop or from your launchpad.

B. Drag a PDF file (or files) and drop them onto the application icon anywhere in Finder or on your dock.

C. Select “Print...” from the File menu while using any program. In the Print dialog box, choose PDF Preflight from the “Printer” dropdown menu.

*If it’s your first time using PDF Preflight, we recommend launching it by double-clicking the application icon (method 1). This ensures the application will check for updates before you begin processing a file.

If you launched PDF Preflight using method A in Step 1, you can simply drag a PDF file (or files) from anywhere on your computer into the application window. This will open the Metadata window.

If you launched PDF Preflight using methods B or C in Step 1, the Metadata window will already be open. Complete the fields of information about your project. (Projects with incomplete specifications will be treated as spam.) Note: The email address field is required. Click “OK

PDF Preflight will start processing your document. When it has finished processing, it will display a green checkmark or a red X. Click “Open PDF Preflight report...” to open your report which will list any errors, warnings or fixes that occurred. If you’re satisfied with your report, click “Send” to send your PDF to us. If you want to make corrections, click “Cancel,” update your file, then preflight it again.

If you dragged more than one PDF into the application window, PDF Preflight will begin processing your second document. When it’s finished, review the Preflight report and click the “Send” button to send the second file.

IMPORTANT: Your file will not be sent to us unless you click the SEND button.

After you process and send all your PDF documents, click the “Close” button to exit the application.

For more detailed instructions, download the "Install and Use Guide" for your operating system.

NEED HELP? Call us directly or click the “Need Help?” link in
the blue application window and you’ll be taken to a webpage that will allow you to contact us with your problem.